TS Awnings

Fixed Aluminium Awning

Durable Roofing

TS Awnings specialises in the Fixed Aluminium Awnings for all types of applications.

The benefit of fixed awnings is its’ durability and longevity. These awnings are fully enclosed, providing maximum shade to your garden patio, entertainement deck or carport. These awnings are made from 100% Aluminium materials, making them both corrosion/rust and maintenance free.

It is also a more affordable option in comparison to the Adjustable Louvre Awning. However if more sun is needed, you can always add a few transparent roof sheets to the fixed awning >> known as Polycarbonate Awnings.


Fixed Aluminium Awnings

Below are some of the installations we have completed:


1) The Carport
2) The Fixed Aluminium Awning


tr awnings
tr awnings