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Adjustable Louvre Awning

For all weather

TS Awnings specialises in Adjustable Louvre Awnings for all applications.

The benefit of having an adjustable louvre is its’ ability to stay completely closed and to then be opened up almost entirely to 80 degrees. This feature allows you to let in the sun or keep out rain/wind, depending on the current weather.┬áThe louvre can be operated by all (no great strength required) using a gearbox.

These awnings are made from 100% Aluminium materials, making them both corrosion and maintenance free.


adjustable louvre awnings


Adjustable Louvres

Below are some of the Adjustable Louvre Awnings we have completed:


1) The Front Patio
2) The Constantia Pool House
3) The Capri Patio
4) The Red Herring
5) The Conservatory

6) The Dale


tr awnings
tr awnings